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Strawberry Snow Cone Regular Seeds - 12

Sour Diesel IBL x Strawberry Cough

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Northern Light Feminised Seeds

NL Cross

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Northern Auto Feminised Seeds

Northern (Northern Lights #5) x Ruderalis

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Sour Power OG Regular Seeds - 12

Sour Power x Biker Kush

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Lennon Auto Feminised Seeds

Jack Herer x Haze x Ruderalis

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Dream N Sour Regular Seeds - 15

Blue Dream x Sour Jack

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Kickass (B.Lee ) Auto Feminised Seeds

Citrus x Rudelaris

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Head Cheese Feminised Seeds

818 Headband x Big Buddha Cheese

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Exotic Colours Feminised Seeds

Peyote Purple #7 x (Sir Jack x P.C.K) F5

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Larry OG Kush Regular Seeds

SFV OGK F3 x Larry

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Tangerine Dream Feminised Seeds

G13 x Afghan x Neville’s A5 Haze

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Master Kush Feminised Seeds - 5

First called High Rise, this strain of marijuana was developed in one of the tall buildings in Amsterdam's Bijlmer area. Coffeeshop owners and marijiuana lovers alik...

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Vision Cookies Feminised Seeds

Hawaiian x Afghani x Nepalese

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Hash Fruit Regular Seeds

Sandstorm x Peyote Purple

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Californian Snow Auto Feminised Seeds

American Old School Hot California strain x Canadian Ruderalis

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Green Crack Feminised Seeds

Green Crack x Green Crack

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Blue Shark CBD Feminised Seeds

Blueberry x Shark Shock x CBD Sativa

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Gigabud Auto Feminised Seeds - 5

Auto Gigabud is an auto-flowering hybrid with Indica dominant nature. This easy to cultivate strain produces big and compact buds fully filled with aromatic resin. The ta...

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