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IOLITE Vaporizer

When the IOLITE was introduced in 2008, it broke the mould. It was the first truly portable vaporizer, with no cords or batteries, and an instantaneous power source. IOLI...

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Go.Pen Plus Vape-Black

The Go.Pen Plus is a load-your-own concentrate portable vaporizer pen. It comes with two ceramic wax atomizers and an oil tank. In addition, it comes with a dabber dish, ...

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Crater Deluxe - Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

CRATER portable vaporizers are for aromatherapy & treatment of respiratory ailments. The new CRATER DELUXE portable vaporizer lasts 25% longer than Pax Ploom and Crat...

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O.Pen Vape Rechargeable Battery-White

The O.penVAPE is a sleek, subtle, vaporizing pen. It has a small form factor and is capped with a stylus, making it both unobtrusive and versatile. The O.penVAPE offers a...

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